Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Monsoon Magic Camp for kids

Cloudy skies, gloomy days and naughty rains… still, monsoon is a festival in Kerala. It's exactly the season when the nature shows its prowess to cast a charming spell – of wilderness and might; compassion and consolation – after a sweltering summer.
Now kids in Kerala have another reason to enjoy the rain battered monsoon days. Magic Academy has set the stage ready at its Wonder World auditorium for a one-day Monsoon Magic Camp (MMC) for kids on 14th of July.

Besides lunch and refreshments, the participants will get one year membership in the Magic Club and a packet containing magic equipments and books.

The camp will start at 10a.m. with their darling Magic Uncle, Gopinath Muthukad taking a class on 'Basics of Magic'. Other magic teachers including Rajamoorthy and Chandrasenan Mithirmala will lead kids to some more engrossing arenas of the awesome art. The camp concludes at 6p.m. with a magic show by Leons George, a school teacher turned magician.

Children who haven't yet attended a Magic Camp can register for the full day session by submitting their bio data along with a fee of Rs.200. Magic Club members should pay only Rs.150. Bio data can be submitted either by fax 0091 471 2355920 or email: Payments may be done as per the instructions received from the email.

Little wizards who are already active on the magic stage, should in turn pay just Rs.200 for attending a Magician's Perfect Performer Course in the forenoon and MMC in the afternoon.
So kids, come to the MMC and earn the magic power to make your dull monsoon days shiny and bright.

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Suraj said...

The endeavor to have the kid’s awareness of the Magic is really appreciable. This would make the Art of Magic to be carried to the new generation with all its spirits.