Wednesday, 7 February, 2007

Magic invigorates tourism in Kerala

Magic Tourism: The grace of 'God's own country' and the pride of 'Incredible India!'

The innovative Magic Tourism concept has proved a big sensation in the tourism arena of Kerala. Launched jointly by the Magic Academy and the government run Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, the new project envisions exploring the art of magic for tourism promotion.
Modern magic and heritage magic of India are the two products showcased before those travellers, who are genuinely enthusiastic towards the enigmatic elements of India. Modern magic is performed inside the Wonder World auditorium of the Academy at Poojappura right within the city of Thiruvananthapuram. Ancient magic as performed by traditional Indian street magicians is offered under the natural, thatched roof at Magic Academy Research Centre (MARC) at Kazhakuttam, a rustic spot in the northern fringe of the capital city.
As per the statistics available with the Administrator of Magic Academy, Jayakumar, since 13th Jan., as many as 102 visitors have returned happily, obtaining their share of indelible amazement served every day at 4.30p.m. by ace close-up magician, Rajamoorthy at the Wonder World. Thomas, Chief Operator at MARC says the response to traditional street magic performed there everyday, was still more inspiring. Around 237 foreign travellers and 163 domestic travellers have already enjoyed the traditional Indian street magician’s dazzling show comprising of Indian Rope Trick, Indian Basket and Green Mango Trick.

Photo: (Top) Farooq, a veteran from the world of traditional Indian street magic on action before a batch of touring school children. (Below)A batch of foreign travellers posing with the street magician after an enchanting performance by the latter.
Those who simply can’t desist from exploring the fascinating facts of Magic Tourism, can surely visit Magic Academy or MARC, its branch after making an advance reservation over email:

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thomas said...

This may be a begining of new age in the history of magic in Kerala.