Monday, 15 January, 2007

2007 begins with a fine fortnight of Magic Tourism and more

'First impression is the best impression’ may be a layman’s say, but it’s a magician’s mantra too. The show this year for the Magic Academy shouldn’t be otherwise. The first fortnight of the year has already found the Academy scripting a pair of historic achievements: Magic Tourism and Magicians’ Job Fair – both never heard earlier in the known tales of magic.
Blooming of Magic Tourism: Kerala the lone Indian State to recognise magic as a performing art under its Cultural Department, has taken one more bold initiative. It has launched an innovative Magic Tourism. With this launch, the potential of magic and magicians becomes one among those essential commodities in the tourism trade. With this landmark launch, the Magic Academy and the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation aims to uplift two: magic and tourism of the State. Not over; the project also envisions mixing of magic of the present and the past. The tourism product in magic hence will contain the fascinating elements of ancient heritage magic of India and captivating ingredients of modern magic. Surely, the benefactors will be the hitherto neglected street magicians of India who are at the verge of extinction owing to lack of attention and recognition from the authorities. Magic Tourism that has emerged in Kerala, the ‘God’s own country’ thus is going to bring the unusually talented nomadic street magic legions of India to the limelight of the world.
The minister’s magic: During the historic launch, the Minister for Tourism, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan surprised everyone on the lawns of the government-run Mascot hotel, by appearing himself in the guise of a performer on the magic stage! Of course, the minister bowed his head and the Chairman of the K.T.D.C., Cheriyan Philip placed a black magic hat over the Minister’s head. With his magic master, India’s own Houdini, Gopinath Muthukad standing beside, the zestful ‘magic minister’ then meticulously administered his wizardry by inserting a multicolour map of Kerala into a blank stainless steel vase. When the vase was closed with its lid and opened, the map gave magical way for sprouting flowers of fluorescent green, white and red flowers. “Kerala has nothing more than this bouquet of friendship to offer you” commented the Minister. Photo above: Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan dedicating the concept of Magic Tourism by performing a magic of producing flowers from nothing. From right: Chairman of K.T.D.C., Cheriyan Philip, Magic Academy’s Executive Director Gopinath Muthukad and Managing Director of K.T.D.C. K.G. Mohanlal.
Wish to enjoy traditional street magic of India?

If you are an inquisitive visitor to Kerala, you are now blessed with an opportunity to watch the regeneration of a few of the age-old Indian magic formations. The relived glories include ‘Great Indian Rope Trick’, ‘Green Mango Tree Trick’ and ‘Indian Basket’ adeptly performed by traditional street magicians sitting on the ground, under a traditionally thatched roof. You can mingle with the magicians, sit or stand closer anywhere around him so as to enjoy these vintage wonders. Come with your friends and family to witness these rare formations of vintage wonders! Reserve your seats right now!!
Email: Call: 0091 9447768535 / 0091 471 2358910
Magicians’ Job Fair: At the Academy, also the curtain was up for yet another milestone event. It was a job fair exclusively reserved for magicians of proven caliber and credentials – this too, hitherto unheard in the magic sphere. The programme was held with the cooperation of Club Mahindra (CM), a big Indian name in the time-share business. In front of the HR Manager of the CM, Udayan Damodaran, as many as 25 aspirant candidates of age 18 and above have tried to excel over each other by way of exhibiting the best of their magical talent and producing testimonials in proof of their achievements.
The fair was held on 13/1/07 at the Wonder World auditorium of Magic Academy. Not less than four of these dynamic candidates managed to win the hearts of the interview panel. They are Dareas A/s Shibu (Thiruvananthapuram), Attukal Sudhish (Thiruvananthapuram), Binoy (Kannur) and Akhil (Palakkad). These candidates will be invited shortly to Club Mahindra’s resort at Kurg in Karnataka with complete welfare including travel fare, accommodation and food. Empanelled magicians will be bestowed with the duty of serving indelible feel of wonder before the guests at the resorts of the company through different parts of India. And surely, they will be salaried Resident Magicians, then onwards. Indeed, the event has kept a dignified door opened to vast employment chances for the aspiring magicians.


Anglophile said...

I presume that your efforts are directed towards earning foreign exchange on one hand and rehabilitating the street magicians on the other. In either way, it is a service to society. I wish you all the best and appreciate you for this novel idea of Magic Tourism.

T H Lawrence

Patrick at said...

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to preserve and further magic in India. Tales of the incredible feats of street magicians in India are a part of our art's rich lore and your country's legacy to the world of magic. Your work is to be commended by all who love magic.

Suraj said...

I do really appreciate the effort and pains taken by the dedicated people in Magic Academy to restore the caliber once existed for Indian street Magic. I see that the Academy have gone miles in a short time period.
I extend my full hearted support and dedication towards the cause and is willing to be a part of.