Tuesday, 5 December, 2006

Moorthy bags award

Thiruvananthapuram: Best magic teacher award instituted by the Magic Academy on the occasion of the third anniversary of the magicians’ monthly training programme, Perfect Peformer Course (PPC), goes to magician Rajamoorthy. The four sessions handled by him during PPCs and classes he had taken during the international magic convention Vismayam 2000 and the Academy’s decennial celebration Vismayam 2006, qualified him for the award. The selection was made on the basis of a feedback obtained from active magicians who were students during these training programmes, where the teachers were renowned magic masters from different parts of the country. Academy’s Executive Director, magician Gopinath Muthukad will hand over the award comprising of a purse and a plaque, at Magic Academy on 9th Dec. that marks the third anniversary of PPC.
Mr. Moorthy’s inimitable credentials in teaching magical art have already earned for him the title, ‘magician’s magician’ in native magic. An expert in Restaurant and Close-up magic that demand considerable skill in sleights of hand, Mr. Moorthy has introduced modern street magic to India. In modern street magic, magician has to work magic right beneath the noses of surrounding crowd without any cover or special arrangements.
At Magic Academy, where 10 years ago he had his first experience in the art of magic as a student, Mr. Moorthy is now one of the directors and teachers. His only son six-year-old Manav is already a little magician. Wife: Rajeshwari.
Mr. Rajamoorthy can be contacted at prestoraja@yahoo.com


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