Tuesday, 1 June, 2010

Kitchen Magic with spicy sequels

Introduced for the first time, Kitchen Magic proves peppy.

The magic oven: Magic Mano of Coimbatore during a thrilling sequence of her Kitchen Magic competition show during Maya 2010.

In her daily chores, taps running out of water and shelf without vegetables won't deter the woman magician from Coimbatore, Manonmani. Not that she is the wife of renowned Tamil Nadu magician, Yona, but because of her own magic kerchief which has the might to produce everything needed in daily life, from thin air. With this ability, she won't mind even if there is little cooking gas in the cylinder. By waving her kerchief she can kindle flames anywhere and produce not only cut vegetables, but also a live hen with an egg. Or else this is exactly was what she has demonstrated on the stages of the newly introduced Kitchen Magic competitions during Maya 2010.
The show had all the grace and excitement. There was not even a single moment when people thought that it was th debut public performance by a lady who had hitherto been a talented assistant to her magician husband. Adopting the name 'Magic Mano' on stage, she could drive her effort into fruition. If the audience, who were experienced magicians from around the country gave a thorough round of applause, the three judges had unanimously adjudged her show as the best.

Recreation at their kitchen: Zenia Bhumgara (left)and her elder sister Pearl Bhumgara showed how kitchen can be a place for recreation if the ladies learn some magic.

Scoring just behind Magic Mano was a lavishly talented Maharashtrean girl, Pearl Bhumgara who came to the stage in a typical wear of her region. In fact it was a neck to neck fight between Pearl and her sister Zenia Bhumgara. If Pearl produced a cabbage and floated it in air, Zenia turned milk into milk powder, and water into rice.

The Kitchen Magic received rich backing from the delegates during a debate held in the break time.

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Proud women magiciana put forward some idea of seed which will develop and spread amoung the world of magic