Friday, 5 February, 2010

Magical science

This is a humble acknowledgement of an unusually strong presence science has made at the beginning of the New Year. Like a typhoon, waves of science hit the minds of Thiruvananthapuram dwellers from 3rd to 7th of January. Thanks to the 97th National Science Congress that has offered a profound opportunity for paramours of science and seekers of truth, to see the magnificent faces of science that turns the 21st Century. Words of scientific luminaries including the former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ike an elixir rejuvenated thousands. This writer cannot desist from recalling the ecstasy received while enjoying a blessed occasion of performing magic during the second day of this great event.

The month of January also gave the blissful celestial wonder– the lengthiest solar eclipse of the millennium. On the 15th of January it was such a captivating scene to see our darling Moon coming like a magician in black coat, trying a vanishing act upon the Sun. As this magic progressed up in the sky, summoned by the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum, eight of our child magicians were enthusiastically strolling on the lawns of Kanakakunnu Palace, entertaining a huge crowd of sky gazers.

On 12th of January, the world stood stunned at the catastrophic earthquake that transformed Haiti into a heap of dead bodies. Earthquake is one of the ugly phenomenons demanding scientific studies for precise forecasting so as to safeguard humanity. January beckons science – for learning, entertaining and salvaging humanity. Let us listen to this call.
[Editorial of January 2010 issue of the Vismayam Magical News]

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